First time and student voters

First time and student voters

First time voters

Why should you vote? 

    1. Although it is easy to take our right to vote for granted, the reality is that voting makes a tremendous difference for the environment and Maine communities. 
    2. Casting a ballot is your voice in deciding who will serve in office and what positions will be taken on important environmental issues.
    3. Maine makes it incredibly easy to vote through its no-excuse absentee voting program, same day voter registration, early voting, and more.

Getting started 

    1. If you haven’t voted in Maine before, you’ll need to establish residency. Learn more about residency here.
    2. Then, you’ll need to register to vote. See our resources on voter registration to get started.
    3. Finally, make a plan to cast your ballot. See our resources on voting in person, voting early, and absentee voting.

Student voters

Can I vote in the town where I go to school?

  1. Students are eligible to register and vote in the town where they go to school. 
  2. Students must establish residency in the town where they wish to vote. Learn more about residency under Maine’s election laws here.

Can I still vote in Maine if I go to school in another state?

  1. Yes, you can still register and vote at your parents’ home address. But, if you establish residency in a new state or town, you will no longer be able to vote where you were previously registered.