Building a just, thriving future for all

Addressing the climate crisis, protecting the environment, & safeguarding our democracy in Maine

Environmental Priorities Coalition

Maine’s Environmental Priorities Coalition (EPC) is a partnership of 34 environmental, conservation and public health organizations representing over 100,000 members who want to protect the good health, good jobs and quality of life that our environment provides. Learn more about the Coalition.

How Can You Help?

Your gift to Maine Conservation Alliance will pay it forward in so many ways.
You will protect the unique habitat Maine provides for countless species. You will safeguard treasured places from the threat of climate change, poorly sited development, and pollution.
You will protect Maine now and for generations.

For both of us, it’s especially important that our children are part of a society in which we respect all of humanity—and our natural world. For our children, for all children, and for a more equitable future, we put our trust and membership dollars into climate action and environmental protection at Maine Conservation Alliance.”

Lucas and Yemaya St. Clair
Falmouth, MCA Members