Register to vote

Register to vote

Who can register and vote in Maine?

    1. To register to vote, you must be a United States citizen and live in Maine. 
    2. To vote, you must be registered in the community where you reside and be at least 18 years of age (in primary elections, you can vote if you’re 17 but will be 18 by the time of the general election.)
    3. Incarcerated people can register to vote with the address where you resided before being incarcerated and intend to return.
    4. Unhoused people can register to vote by describing, under oath, a physical location where you reside. You do not need a mailing address. 

How do I register to vote?

      1. In Maine, you can register to vote in-person up to and on Election Day. 
      2. To register, you’ll need to show an ID and proof of your Maine residency (some examples include a Maine driver’s license, vehicle registration, and tax documents).
      3. If you choose to mail your voter registration to your municipal clerk, you’ll need to fill out this form and mail it as soon as you can to make sure the clerk receives it 21 days before Election Day.

Where do I go to register?

    1. You may register to vote at your town office or city hall, through any Motor Vehicle branch office, through most state and federal social service agencies, or at voter registration drives. 
    2. Completed voter registration cards may be hand delivered or mailed to your town office or city hall. Find out where that is by searching your address here.

Is there a deadline for registering?

    1. You can register up to and on Election Day OR you can register at the polls on Election Day. You can register to vote in person at your town office or city hall.
    2. If you are mailing in a voter registration card, it must be received by your town clerk 21 business days before the election.