Maine Conservation Alliance (MCA) builds support and momentum for policies that address the ongoing structural and societal changes needed to equitably tackle climate change, protect the environment, advance racial justice, and safeguard our democracy.

Ensuring a healthy and livable future takes all of us. For more than 20 years, MCA has been partnering with Maine people, organizations, and decision makers to collectively advocate for environmental progress and justice. We do this through convening and participating in powerful and effective coalitions that voice support for policy changes together and by growing and mobilizing our base of support for action.

Through our work, MCA is committed to making sure all Maine people have access to a healthy environment, a strong democracy, and a sustainable economy.


Maine Conservation Alliance protects the environment and our democracy through education, collaboration and advocacy.


Guided by our core commitments to the environment, democracy, equity, and collective impact we are working toward a future where Maine becomes a national model for how a rural state can take bold action to tackle the climate crisis while ensuring a fair and equitable economic transition for our communities.

A future where we have identified systemic barriers to full participation in Maine’s clean energy economy and people in every corner of our state are benefiting from affordable clean energy both as consumers and for their livelihoods.

A future where Maine is on track to meet or surpass the ambitious goals set out in its current Climate Action Plan. Our air, land, water, and wildlife have added protections and funding to conserve them. Our democracy is healthier, with more Mainers who have been systematically underrepresented voting regularly and running for office and new policies are in place that increase the integrity, resiliency, and efficiency of our voting systems.

We envision a future where we have built and maintained broad political support for the ongoing structural and societal changes needed to address the threat of climate change, protect our environment, advance racial justice, and ensure an inclusive democracy.